Leopard Cub Back in her Favourite Tree …

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Safari:

As soon as we left in the early morning we went directly back to the leopard with the kill, but there was no sign either leopard or the kill. Lions had moved through the area during the night and we were pretty sure that they had grabbed the free meal in transit. All we found were different cat tracks.

We went to the mother leopard with her cub when we heard that they had been spotted. We found them with a Steenbuck kill. Photography was difficult at times – once again because of the lush vegetation, but as mom and cub chased each other, rolled on and around one another, crept and pounced, we ended up with ample opportunities for more great images of the two frolicking around. They played with the sparse remains of their kill as they dragged it back and forth and tried to capture it from each other.

Soon after we left the leopards we saw rhino and stopped for a while to admire them before we carried on again.

Then we spotted some fresh lion tracks that we followed. The morning was advancing by the time we located two large male lions with two lionesses, and although the golden light was gone we were able to photograph them before it was time to head back to the Lodge. The two males were very healthy and good looking, and it was a real treat to see them in this area. Few male lions have been spotted here for some time,  and we relished our time with them.

In the afternoon we headed back to the Jackalberry tree where one of the mother leopards regularly stashes her gorgeous young cub. We took a chance, and felt it may be worth a look. Lo and behold! There was the cub – resting in her favourite V in the branches. We spent time with her and collected more beautiful photographs before we moved on to make way for another vehicle to see the youngster.

We saw plenty of general game, including herds of zebras, and giraffe, and again there were quite a few herds of elephants. Then a call came through about the possibility of a male leopard not far away. We found his tracks, and after a few minutes we managed to catch up with him as he strutted down the road. We spent the remainder of the evening with him, and again we pulled ahead of him again and again to get those fabulous face-on and walk-by photos.

What a wonderful way it was to end yet another fabulous day here in the bush. In the morning we would like to catch up with the male leopard again …