Khwai, Savuti, Chobe Botswana Safari: Lions Send 200 Impala Scuttlling …

Photos from back of Brendon’s Camera

Brendon Shares his Day:

We arrived on the houseboat after everyone arrived from different far-flung places. We transferred to the Pangolin Voyager quite late in the afternoon and almost immediately boarded our photographic boats for our first excursion up the river.

There was so much to experience and see on the river – and we quickly amassed a number of images. There were stunning Fish Eagles, Egrets, Open – billed Storks, Pied Kingfishers. In addition there were so many elephants and lots of buffalo.

We gradually made our way to Savannah Backwaters where it became very dark very quickly because of a massive thunderstorm that came rolling in. Huge, heavy, black clouds and plenty of lightning and thunder made the whole experience on a small boat quite intimidating and very exciting.

So the light was gone very quickly, but not before we captured some beautiful, outstanding, wide-angle images of elephants at the backwater – with those ominous, moody clouds in the background, and just a suggestion of colour from the sunset visible on the horizon.


As we headed back to the houseboat we saw a vast herd of at least 200 impala running fast along the banks of the Savannah Backwater. Then we saw the reason – a pride of four lions appeared. They were not too close and we would like to return to the backwater at first light to see if the lions maybe come to the water for a drink – or maybe even decide to hunt …