Khwai, Savuti, Chobe Botswana Safari: Farewell to Savuti with Lions (a Kill!), Leopards, Wild Dogs

Photos: Leopard and Elehants Courtesy of UliHB and Wild Dogs – Wim van den Heever

Brendon Shares his Day:

We headed out extra early for our final drive in the Savuti area – before transferring to Chobe.

We wanted to follow up on the Lions and the Wild Dogs. On our way there we bumped into the Marsh Pride of Lions. Only two adults and four cubs were there at first – lying flat. We stopped for photographs, and they soon obliged us by being restless and moving around now and again. Then they moved right down into the Savuti Channel and we were able to get some pretty fine images of them in that locations.

Then we heard a sound – and another – then another! It was the remainder of the pride … and they were only about 100 meters away. They were growling, and we could hear a lot of frantic scuffling noises. The lions immediately reacted to the disturbance, and, realising that the sounds meant that there was a kill, the lionesses and cubs in the channel hurtled in the direction of their pride.

Unfortunately for us the kill was in some dense bush and we were unable to get anywhere close, but it was great to hear the action and follow at least a little of the drama, and we came away with some excellent photographs of the lionesses and cubs.

We headed back to the Wild Dog Den, hoping to see at least one or two of the dogs. Once again luck was on our side and the five adults and five pups that came out of the den to run around kept our cameras clicking and clicking.


We received a call that the lions were slowly coming out the thicket with their kill, and we quickly returned to them.

On the way we bumped into a male leopard. He was very, very shy and we grabbed just a few photos before he ducked into the bushes where we lost sight of him and could not follow.


We found the lionesses with three subadult males and the cubs all together. So, only the dominant males had not joined them as yet, but we photographed the remainder of the pride.

On the way back to the camp we found another leopard – this time a female. She was sprawled on top of a rocky outcrop, and gave us some different photography with those big boulders all around her.


I haven’t mentioned, at the risk of being repetitive, that there are plenty of Elephants, and plenty of general game, like Giraffe, Kudu, Impala, Tsessebe, Wildebeest – you know by now what teems around here.


All in all it was a fabulous way to end our amazing time at Savute before we set out for the journey to Kasane. We had a great drive, and arrived in good time and relaxed for the afternoon after the tiring morning. Looking forward to our first excursion here in Chobe …