Khwai, Savuti, Chobe Botswana Safari: A Kill Is a Game for a Leopard Cub

Wim Reports:

(Images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

This morning we went straight to an area just west of Machaba where we were told that a leopard, Nsele, with her cub had been sighted in a tree with a kill.

After a quick search we found them just as a most glorious sunrise provided a magnificent morning and photographic opportunities.


The kill was hanging down from the tree, almost dropping right off. The cub found this very enticing and started to play with it.


He swung around on it, batted it, and tried to feed off it from time to time.


We then carried on to the other female and added to our collection of images as she jumped into the tree, then out, then back again – up and down.

There are elephants everywhere – we saw them coming down to the water to splash and drink during almost the whole game drive, and could point our cameras at almost any time to have one or more in the viewfinder.

By then it was time to return to the Lodge, and when we set out this afternoon we started with Nsele and her cub. They were lying in the tall reed so we returned to the female with her kill at Mogothlo. She was sill feeding on her carcass and we lined ourselves up for a possible tree exit – and got excellent shots as she did just that. And then up she went again – and down again … another two or three times, giving us all a chance to get amazing shots with the dramatic sunset sky in the background.

By now it was really late and the in darkness we used spotlights for backlit and side-lit images before we started to head back to the Lodge.

In addition to the leopards and elephants, there was scarcely a moment without fabulous birds, general game and wonderful scenery, and although we had reports of lions and Wild Dog, we decided to concentrate on the leopards to collect those quality images – and maybe we will follow up on the other predators tomorrow …