Khwai Savuti Chobe Botswana Tour: Mating Lions and Tracking others …

Khwai Savuti Chobe Botswana Tour: Mating Lions and Tracking others …

(All images Brendon’s Computer Screen or Back of Camera)


Brendon Reports:

Early this morning we decided to follow up on the lions from yesterday. We found the tracks of the two males quite early and followed these. The lionesses and the cubs are still in the Mopani thicket, so we concentrated on the male tracks that led to a pan where we saw that they had had a drink – then the tracks disappeared into the bush.

We headed south towards the Marabou Pan area where we had heard of a mating couple of lions. On the way we photographed zebra, giraffe, Tsessebe, elephants, and a massive herd of buffalo, probably a thousand or more.

7 Brendon Savuti_1597

The mating lions mated multiple times in a wide open area and with some really decent light to ensure excellent images.

7 Brendon Savuti_1600

After our coffee break we started to meander slowly back to the Lodge. There was plenty of game to photograph again and to our delight we spotted two White-headed Vultures. They were sunning themselves next to a pan, having just completed their morning bathe. It was so special to see these striking birds as they have become increasingly rare in most areas.

In the afternoon we went over to check whether the lions had emerged from the Mopani thicket. We found many tracks that indicated that the pride had wandered around for a bit but then ventured into some very thick Mopani.

But we found another large herd of buffalo, this time numbering six to seven hundred. There were elephants everywhere as always, as well as large herds of zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and Tsessebe.

7 Brendon Savuti_1599

The elephants were bathing in the river, playing and spraying themselves and each other, while babies clumsily chased anything that looked ‘chaseable’. Many of the elephants were actually swimming – completely submerging themselves in the water before emerging from the pan to spray dust over themselves and their surroundings. It was wonderful to watch and to photograph.

7 Brendon Savuti_1598

Tomorrow we plan to head south to see what that area has for us …