Khwai Savuti Chobe Botswana Tour: A Fabulous Arrival at Savuti …

Khwai Savuti Chobe Botswana Tour: A Fabulous Arrival at Savuti …

(All images Brendon’s Computer Screen or Back of Camera)


Brendon Reports:

We took a lovely, fun drive through a depression and over the sand ridge to arrive at the Savuti Elephant Lodge in time for lunch.

After unpacking we were ready for our drive – especially as we heard a lot during lunch about lions in the area.

As we drove around we saw plenty of elephants swimming, drinking, playing, bathing or just splashing around. We collected some great images of them enjoying all their water related activities.

8 Brendon Savuti_1591

We followed up on where the lions had been reported – a pride of three lionesses, two males and ten cubs ranging in age from 3 to 6 months old. We found the two males first, asleep under a bush.

Close by we found five of the cubs. They were among some Mopane Trees, cavorting around, chasing each other, climbing up and down the lower branches of the trees.

8 Brendon Savuti_1590

They stalked each other, jumped around and actually kept us so entertained that we never did find the lionesses or the other five cubs.

8 Brendon Savuti_1589

We also saw giraffe, ostriches, a large herd of wildebeest, elephants everywhere – and of course fabulous birds …


So, our first evening at Savuti started really well and everyone is keen to get out and check on the lions again in the morning …