Khwai, Savute, Chobe Botswana Tour: The Blood Moon in the Bush

Fanus Reports from the Khwai, Savute, Chobe Botswana Tour: The Blood Moon in the Bush


We had a totally fabulous day, starting at 03:00 when we woke up to photograph the blood moon. What a sight that was out here with no, absolutely NO interference from civilization haze or lights to detract from the huge orange ball hanging in the sky.


After photographing the incredible occurrence we decided to carry on with a very early game drive.


The morning quickly peaked to a highlight when we sound Matsete, the mother leopard we saw a couple of days back – this time the cub was with her, and both were very relaxed around us.


We followed them for ages – in spite of a flat tyre that we changed as fast as a Formula 1 pitstop so that we could keep up with the two as they moved through the bush.


When mom and cub settled down in a convenient spot where they started to doze, we left them. In any case it was time for us to leave for our journey to Savute.


We arrived at Savute before sunset, having detoured via Rhinovlei which was rather dry – but we found a pack of Wild Dogs –

7 Wim Wild Dog Portrait1341-528

– and a number of Hyenas just past the vlei.

7 Wim Hyena850-37

They were all fast asleep in the heat of the day, so we stopped to photograph them, including one or two that woke up for long enough to check us out.


As we neared our camp we stopped at a pan where a herd of elephants were drinking and splashing in the water.


Now we are at the camp overlooking the waterhole where herds of elephants and large numbers of buffalo have arrived for their evening drink.


Who could ask for more? A Lion, maybe? No, not even — this is really living!


Until tomorrow …


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