Khwai River Lodge (Okavango): Finally a Kill for the Wild Dogs

Khwai River Lodge (Okavango): Finally a Kill for the Wild Dogs

(All images from Villiers’ Computer Screen or Back of Camera)


News from Villiers Steyn:


We headed straight to the hyena den this morning but the inhabitants were either out and about or asleep inside, so we carried on to the area where we saw Matsebe, the mother leopard, with her cub last night.

We were checking the vicinity where we last saw them when we suddenly heard some Francolin alarm calls. We were about to follow up on the alarms when a call came through that the pack of seven Wild Dogs that we followed yesterday as they hunted had been found with an impala kill.

Guess where?!

Right outside room 3 at the Lodge!

So we dashed back to the Lodge and found them finishing off the last scraps – and arguing noisily over the small remnants. They had bloody faces and there were sports as one would grab a leg or a bone and dash off with it, while others tried to secure it.

5 Villiers Khwai_1588

We spent the next 45 minutes or so watching the on-going tussles before we had to pack our belongings and have breakfast before departing for our next stop – the Savuti Elephant Lodge …