Khwai River Botswana Safari: Leopards at Play

Khwai River Botswana Safari: Leopards at Play


Kobus Saayman Reports:


When we left the Lodge this morning, we hardly realized that we were in for an absolutely wonderful final morning …

We heard that a leopard had possibly been sighted and therefore headed straight to the area,  hoping against hope that we could catch up with it.

We combed the bushes, scrutinizing the ground and trees as we ventured deeper and deeper into dense Mopane bush. And then we spotted – not one, but two leopards. Mother and her young cub were high up in a tree with their Impala kill.

We approached closer and closer and watched with amazement – and some amusement – as the two proceeded to start a game up there in the branches of the trees. They leaped from branch to branch, landing gracefully each time before starting off again, sure-footed and giving us more and more fabulous photographic opportunities. It was wonderful!

We came closer, and ended up a mere 1.5 meters from them so that we could get images that were unobstructed by the dense foliage. The two leopards posed while we took full-frame photos of their heads and sometimes just an eye!

Leopard Duo

The interaction between mother and cub was enthralling and heart-warming and we were unable to tear ourselves away. In fact, the two kept us so busy that we remained with them until we finally simply and very reluctantly had to leave or miss our flight back home.

So, having experienced sightings and collected a treasury of images of Lions, Leopards, and even Cheetahs that are rarely seen here, it was no wonder that we left with a huge feeling of nostalgia and a determination to return.


Until next time in this idyllic area …