From the Khwai Lions to Savute …

Dawie’s Update from the Savute Elephant Lodge on the Okavango Savute & Chobe Photo Tour:
(Hyena Pup from Back of Wim’s Camera))

This was our final morning at Khwai and we decided to follow up on those lions that made the wildebeest kill last night. We took a slow drive along the river, keeping our eyes open for any further excitement.

When we reached the pride of lions they were still feeding on their wildebeest kill, and we decided to wait, hoping that they would stop eating for a drink at the nearby waterhole. However, by the time we had to return to the Lodge to pack and make our way to Savute, the lions were still feeding, with no signs of thirst.

Some guests flew to Savute, while others preferred to drive, and we all gathered there by lunchtime. We were served a sumptuous lunch and then left for our first game drive. Plenty of Plains animals could be seen everywhere and we also saw large elephant herds.

We found a number of elephants drinking at an open pan with a bright blue sky behind them. It was so picturesque and we just had to stop for photographs.

The bird life here is abundant and we stopped for so many of them. People really enjoyed the Secretary Birds and Rollers.

We passed a hyena den where nine pups of different ages came out to play. They enjoyed a game of hide and seek around our vehicles, as they tumbled around and stalked each other. The adults looked on lazily as they basked in the late afternoon sun rays.

After that lovely, relaxed first afternoon at Savute we returned to the Lodge, ready for dinner and an early night, without a single thought about what to search for in the morning …