Japan Winter Safari: Swans in the Snow

Wim Reports from the Japan Winter Safari:
Swans in the Snow:
The conditions could not have been more ideal for photography at Lake Kussharo today. We arrived just before dawn, with the warm waters along the edge of the lake already populated with large numbers of Whooper Swans.
Unexpectedly, a massive overnight snowstorm with huge snowflakes and strong winds continued throughout the day, creating interesting and exceptional conditions for photography.
7 a Wim Swan-318
Some of the swans came onto the land, and their stark white plumage against the mountains of snow made the most amazing high-key type images possible.
We also placed a number of cameras in the water with the swans, with remote triggering to capture those below eye-level shots that are so impactful – and to get close-up shots of the beautiful birds.
7 a Ben Swan-37-2
It was only when sunset arrived that we realized that the day had passed and it was time to return to the inn for a welcome onsen after the -13degC plus a windchill factor that dropped the temperature even further.
Tomorrow we should be traveling to Rausu – if the storm abates …