Japan Winter Safari: ODP 0/Arctic Storm 1 – The Elements Win!

Wim’s News from the Japan Winter Safari:
Well yes – we set out from the harbour early this morning, hoping that the storm would hold off for the morning, and that the Eagles would be around looking for food. When we set out, visibility was about 200-300 meters, but by the time we returned to the harbour, visibility was down to less than 30 meters – so no photography!
Then, to add to this, the roads became impassable, and all vehicles that tried to get through got stuck within moments. Our bus of course had no chance – and we had to be towed back to our lodge by a huge snow plough/tractor/caterpillar vehicle.
We have spent the remainder of the day back at the hotel, relaxing, socialising, reviewing our images, and catching up on our much needed sleep.
So in summary – we were beaten by the Arctic Storm … ODP scored 0/Arctic Storm scored 1!
The weather forecast for tomorrow is much more promising …