Japan Winter Safari: From Jigokudani to Kussharo

Ben Reports from the Japan Winter Safari:

from Jigokudani to Kussharo via the Tundra Swans

En route to Tokyo for our flight to Kushiro we detoured to a lovely wetland area known for many water birds and Tundra Swans.

We spent a lovely hour photographing the swans. They obliged us by constantly flying back and forth, with many take-off and landing sequences. They are so graceful and create beautiful images as they fly …

7 Ben Tundra Swan-1

Adjacent to the Swan area we spotted a pond with a large number of interesting ducks, including Pintails – and Tufted Ducks …

7 Ben Tufted Duck-1

The remainder of the journey to Tokyo passed quickly as we travelled through the awe-inspiring landscape, covered in snow and ice … as we rounded each bend in the road, the scenery that unfolded seemed even more beautiful than the one we had left.

Now we are at the airport in Japan, ready to board our flight to Kushiro, and another beautiful bus journey through the imposing mountains to Lake Kussharo. The weather forecast for tomorrow is ‘clear skies’, – a perfect way to start our time with the Whooper Swans …