Japan Winter Safari: In the Ice-pack

Wim’s News from the Japan Winter Safari:

After a very early – and very large – breakfast, we hurried down to the small dock area to board our boat and head into the pack-ice to photograph the largest Eagles in the world, the Steller’s Sea Eagle.

5 Wim156-151

At first we were a bit rusty and found tracking and panning the Eagles in flight and as they went about their daily lives a little daunting, but we soon mastered the necessary techniques, and were able to track the birds to capture some amazing and dramatic shots.

5 SE -24-25-1

The Eagles are keen fish-catchers, and even more keen to grab fish from any others who have successfully made a catch. The aerial combats frequently result in locked talons, plummeting Eagles, and dropped fish – which is immediately snatched by another bird, creating yet another combat – and so on!

We spent an enthralling morning photographing the action, and after a most welcome and delicious lunch, we clambered back on board – back into the ice-floes, back to the action.

This evening we are off to hopefully find Blakistons’s Fishing Owl (the largest owl in the world) …