Japan Winter Safari: Dashing to Escape Another Blizzard

Wim from the Japan Winter Safari: Dashing to Escape Another Blizzard

We left early and were on the ocean soon after sunrise. We tried to get close to the Steller’s Sea Eagles and White-tailed Eagles with some great success – we had more quality than quantity and were able to capture some fabulous shots. The snow fell heavily – adding another wonderful dimension to the world around us.

Then another massive frontal moved in – it was ahead of schedule but we realised that before long the roads would be impassable again so as soon as we reached the harbour at lunch time we dashed to the hotel to pack up and move out ahead of the storm.

Sure enough we hardly reached Tsurui before the white-out closed the roads behind us. And then what a magnificent afternoon with the Red-crowned Cranes Рthey were dancing and singing and creating the most beautiful show for us. There were between 30 and 40 cranes at any one time! What a special treat!!

The snow started to fall again – adding that extra magic to the scene.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed an onsen and are now ready for a delicious dinner …

We are really looking forward to the cranes again tomorrow ….