Japan Winter Safari: Clear Skies and Blizzards – Perfect for Photography

Wim’s Update from the Japan Winter Safari:

Well, another amazing day awaited us as we rise early and breakfasted quickly. The Pack-ice was really thick, but the sun lit up everything with a dazzling whiteness that made the world appear crisper and more beautiful than ever. We made our way to the harbour, keen to start the day …

4 Group on Boat

4 Lady in Harbour

4 Another F on boat

The Steller’s Sea Eagles and White-tailed Eagles were right there again, fishing, fighting, squabbling, chasing each other and creating non-stop action for our busy cameras and we were able to photograph them in the sunlight. Just fabulous!

Then a dramatic snow – storm moved in, with heavy snowfalls and gusting winds sending snow flying in all directions – perfect conditions for wonderful action photography.

The conditions were so great that we were quite reluctant to return to land for lunch, and hurried back to the boat after our sumptuous feast.

Then, as if on cue, as the afternoon progressed, the clouds lifted again, revealing an absolutely glorious sunset. The colors in the sky and reflecting on the snow, ice and sea were breathtaking, and once again our cameras were kept ultra busy, capturing the dueling Eagles against that incredible backdrop.

The weather forecast for the morning predicts clear skies again, and we have opted to hire our charter boat again to photograph the Eagles as the sun rises …