Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Our Jaguar Count Increases …

Ben’s News from The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Our Jaguar Count Increases …

We woke up to a dull, foggy morning, perfect for a totally different photographic approach.

We headed up a quiet estuary or backwater where the mist hung heavily over the dark water, and we were almost surrounded by dense riverine forest that encroached right up to the river.

The whole backwater was teeming with an unbelievable number of birds. Herons, Neotropic Cormorants, and Great White Egrets were everywhere. A variety of kingfishers hung suspended before diving through the mist into the water – with a surprising amount of success.

It was all breathtakingly beautiful.

Then we received a call about a jaguar and quickly headed in that direction. We found Andre, another large, handsome male jaguar very intently stalking both capybara and caymans.

6 Andre Jaguar Ben BOC 2-1

Although he didn’t catch anything during the time we spent with him, we managed to photograph him several times in those wonderful, classical cat hunting postures.

6 Andre Jaguar Ben BOC 1-1

This encounter brought our total number of sightings to 9 of different cats … and we saw both Patricia and Hunter as well as Jorge and Fernanda more than once. A fabulous success! (- and the photographs!)

We had to return to the Flotel for lunch and our journey to Porto Jofre where our transport waited to take us along the Transpantaneira  Highway back to the lodge at Santa Teresa.

We were in time to photograph Hyacinth Macaws and Buff-necked Ibis as they flew around the area.

But soon the dusk mosquito invasion started and we quickly returned to the lodge for a shower and dinner.

Tomorrow we would like to see the macaws in the early morning light …

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