Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Macaws Everywhere!

Ben’s News from The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Macaws Everywhere!

There seemed to be hundreds of Red-and-green Macaws flying busily in all directions when we arrived at the sinkhole early in the morning.

The birds looked marvelous as the sun highlighted their vivid plumage and with the black of the deep shadows in the sinkhole as a backdrop. The contrast was quite breathtaking!

4 Macaw Ben BOC-1

We positioned ourselves on one side of the sinkhole in the morning to make the most of the sun’s angle and to capture the best possible images, and after lunch we set up our camera equipment on the opposite side do the large hole to capitalize on the afternoon sun.

There is Macaw action all day long! The photography is tricky because the birds are very fast and dart around in all directions, close one moment, then far away in a split second. They also dive bomb one another, and although the photography is a challenge, it is great fun, and when one nails a great shot, the feeling of accomplishment is truly joyous.

Our afternoon positions had an added advantage. The site that we photograph from is close to a drinking area – a natural trough positioned among some trees. The birds gather in the trees and as they fly into and exit the trees we have countless added photographic opportunities.

4 Macaw Video Ben IMG_0902

At dusk we tried a different technique to capture the birds, using a slow shutter speed with a rear-curtain flash. This gave us some stupendous results and we ended our day totally delighted with our day’s work.

In the morning we have another fabulous – and very different adventure in store …

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