Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Floating in a Magical World …

Ben’s News from The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Floating in a Magical World

We were ready for a completely different adventure as we set out immediately after breakfast.

We floated – yes … that is correct – we floated because you are not allowed to swim and disturb the water, the fish and the underwater vegetation! So we floated down this fast-flowing stream for 1 1/2 kilometers.

The water is crystal clear and visibility underwater is as totally unclouded. There are so many fish it is like being in a well-stocked aquarium, with underwater vegetation so lush and green that it all almost defies words. Actually it is another world – peaceful, pristine, indescribably beautiful, and the kind of experience we should all enjoy …

To add to the feeling of isolation from the world, the riverine forest overhangs the rivulet on both sides – and the the sunlight creates ever-changing dappled effects in the already enchanting environment.

Our slow passage down the river, literally relishing every moment, took the whole morning, and by the time we emerged from the water we realized that we had built up quite an appetite.

After lunch we headed back to our ‘afternoon spot’ at the sinkhole where we spent the rest of the afternoon – well, not quite, as you will see in a moment.

This time we were especially lucky! In addition to the Red-and green Macaws that were busier than ever, we had a wonderful visit from a Blue-crowned Motmot. Not only that, he came and sat very close to us, and ventured so near that we were able to capture head shots as he gazed at us with some curiosity. They really are beautiful birds, up to about 18 inches long, and are found in riverine forests.

4 Motmot Mike Beder BOC2-1

We were about to turn our attention back to the Macaws when we noticed a massive thunderstorm moving in rapidly. This ended our photography for the day quite abruptly, but we were not sorry as we were a little weary after our extra early start and that long swim. So, after dinner we plan to fall into bed immediately …

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