Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Cayman and Capybara

Ben’s News from The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Capybara and Cayman
Knowing that we needed to leave Santa Teresa quite early for our trip to the end of the Transpantaneira Highway to Porto Jofre, we were up extra early for a final opportunity to photograph the feeding birds.
To our delight the Toco Toucans were there again, as were the Chaco Chachalacas and the pigeons and doves. A male with two female Bare-faced Curassows arrived as well. About the size of a turkey, they strutted around the ground, occasionally lifting their amazing crests.
Another attraction were the Vermillion Flycatchers. Their Crimson and black feathers always look so attractive as they flit around, catching insects in midair.
After breakfast we climbed aboard our open transport vehicle (ideal for photography) for our journey to our next stop.
97 Pantanal Breakdown-1
Along the way we had plenty to see and photograph so I will mention only the highlights. We saw Snail Kites taking off and landing repeatedly. Several Wood Storks flew past in small groups. And we stopped to see some Great Horned Owls which were fabulous to spot, but a bit high in the tree for really satisfactory photos.
We arrived at Porto Jofre where we boarded the small boat for our trip to the floating hotel or Flotel … our base for the next few nights.
We climbed on board and after a welcome lunch we found the little flat-bottomed skiff wait our exclusive and very knowledgable skipper ready to take us out on the Cuiaba River.
Being our first afternoon, we thought that a general look around would be great.
Our skipper pointed out some Neotropic Cormorants and shortly after, some Rufescent Tiger Herons. A mother with her two chicks were busy along the edge of the river bank and we watched the interactions between the three.
Then we spotted some iconic inhabitants of the area – a couple of capybara, and they were wandering around among a group of cayman lying next to the river. We watched, fascinated, but there seemed to be no interaction between the two species. They did not even seem to see each other!
97 Capy and Cay-1
Evening approached and to avoid the millions of insects and mosquitoes that accompany this time of day, we returned to the Flotel to relax and enjoy our dinner.
Tomorrow we would like to look out for a jaguar … maybe? …
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