Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: A Caiman Sunset

Ben’s News from The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour:  A Caiman Sunset

Well, what a superb trip we had along the Pixaim River! The bird life here lived up to its reputation as being fabulous. There was so much to see that we decided to concentrate on the different birds fishing in the river, and the two hours we had before sunset were filled with photographic opportunities.

Beautiful Kingfishers, including the Ringed Kingfisher with its soft blue head and wings, contrasting russet colors and bright white collar, hovered and dived repeatedly.

There were also Great Black Hawks with their dusky coulouring and very distinctive white markings on their tails and white beaks. The fishing in the river was most productive as hawk after hawk grabbed their share from the water.

And in between Black-collared Hawks kept a close eye on the river, ensuring that they grabbed their share of the bounty.

Just at sunset a Spectacled Cayman appeared right next to our boat. Totally indifferent to our presence, it hung there in the clear water, barely moving. In the background the sun was dipping rapidly towards the horizon, creating a glowing color palette across the sky … and reflected in the river.

Cayman Sunset-1

We used wide angle lenses because we were so close to the cayman, and with fill-in flash to illuminate the reptile, and those glorious colors as a backdrop we were able to get some really satisfying images.

The afternoon on the river really stimulated our appetites and when we returned to the hotel we were ready for the sumptuous dinner on offer. Then off to bed …

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