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Hyenas Steal Another Kill …

Dawie’s News from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Tour:

Because there was no signal, I apologise that my update is a little late …

When we left the Lodge we first tried to find a Leopard that we had seen previously not too far away. This Leopard had a Warthog kill in a tree when we last caught up with him, but now there was no sign of him. But we did find evidence and tracks that Hyenas had been around and had made off with his kill. During the night the kill had dropped and we could see clear Hyena tracks and drag marks. We also found Leopard tracks heading out of the area. This was a bit unfortunate as we really wanted to get those photos of the big male in the tree – but that is what the bush is like and we knew that there would be more excitement waiting for us somewhere.

We heard that a pack of Wild Dogs were moving about towards the southern boundary, but a quick check yielded no luck there. Just then we received a call about another pack of dogs – the pack of four dogs that we saw the other day. We went to them and found the pack settling down to rest in the late morning heat. Meanwhile Hyenas gathered around them and kept an eye on them, while the dogs gazed back warily at the intruders.

While we were with the dogs and Hyenas we received another call. One of the guides could see a female Leopard with a male Impala Kill in a riverbed. We hurried there and found her in a tree with her kill.

She remained up there for a just a moment before she came down to rest in the cool sand in the riverbed.

We returned to the Lodge for our meals and some Lightroom training, determined to return to the Leopard as soon as we could – but as always reports came in that changed our minds and we rather headed south to see the Wild Dogs that we had missed during our morning search. We found eight Wild Dogs lying adjacent to a dam. There were four adults with four six month old pups. The pups were really active and provided us with plenty to see and photograph as they frolicked, jumped, chased, fell around, and harried the adults.

When we left the dogs we headed to a pride of Lions that we hoped were close by. We found them lounging on a termite mound. The blue, purple and orange sky behind them looked beautiful and we used fill in flash to capture the details of the cats in the foreground on the mound. It was stunning – and a fabulous way to end another lovely day at Sabi Sand.

In the morning we really have choices for our early drive. We will have to decide whether to visit the Lions, Wild Dogs, or Leopard when we first set out …

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