A Hippo Objects to a Leopard at his Waterhole …

Dawie Shares from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Tour:
(Photos from back of Dawie’s Camera)

Aaah! Back at the Sabi Sand Reserve! What a pleasure … so when all our Tusk Safari Guests arrived at Elephant Plains in time for lunch, greetings, and a quick briefing, the air of expectation and excitement was high. Right in front of the camp elephants and buffalos could be seen at the waterhole. What a welcome! And that set the tone for a fabulous afternoon.

During lunch we heard about a male leopard that one of the guides spotted during the morning, and we made that area our first destination. We searched for tracks and our trackers actually tracked him on foot. They found him after about twenty minutes.
The leopard was feeding on a duiker kill on the ground and although there was some grass and bush in the way we did manage to capture some good shots.

Then we really had a treat. The leopard emerged from the bushy area and strolled in full view down to a waterhole for a drink. There was some interesting action when a hippo in the water objected to the leopard’s presence and tried different antics to scare the cat away. But the leopard was so very thirsty that he ignored the hippo and he continued to drink for nearly ten minutes. It was amazing to watch not only the leopard but also the hippos attempts at intimidation.

When the leopard had enough to drink he disappeared off into some dense undergrowth near the river.

We left to photograph any other animals that we could find. Buffalo and zebra kept us busy and shortly before we arrived back at the Lodge we found giraffe.

Tomorrow morning we plan to check on that male leopard again …