The Himalayas! 
The very word conjures up visions of high mountains, high altitudes, cold, remoteness, mystique – and of course our goal … to see a Snow Leopard.

After last year’s amazingly successful venture (8 sightings of 5 different Leopards!) to photograph the rare, elusive and exceedingly shy Snow Leopards, this years ODP Safari guests could barely wait for the time to come for their departure.

Our group will arrive in Delhi tomorrow and then travel way, way, up – up – up to Leh where we will remain for a few days to acclimatise to the extreme altitude.

                         Wim van den Heever-003

At 3524 meters (more than11000 feet), Leh is higher than most of us venture in a lifetime.

                                      Prayer Flags

Once we have acclimatised to the altitude … oh, and the cold which is -30C today … we will continue our journey to our base camp way further up the mountain – in Snow Leopard World …

                                                                 Snow Leopard