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Our First Game Drive at Etosha …

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour:

After another early breakfast we left Swakopmund for the long drive to Etosha. We arrived after midday and checked into our accommodation as quickly as we could so that we could start our first game drive.

The drive was really worthwhile. We saw so much in that short time. We found Bat-eared Foxes and because they always look so appealing in photographs we spent quite a while with them. There were Springbok and Wildebeest looking fabulous against the vibrant colours of the setting sun.

In addition we saw plenty of Plains animals. Giraffes and Zebra looked particularly striking in the golden light and then later with the iridescent sky as a backdrop.

On the way back to the camp we saw a female Black Rhino with a small calf. There was just enough of the waning light for photography and we used every last bit of the remaining light for those images.

Now that we have experienced the abundance of the animals in the park and the lively settings for viewing and for photography, everyone is really looking forward to our morning drive …

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