We Find Three Different Leopards During Our Day at Elephant Plains …

Three Different Leopards During Our Wet Day at Elephant Plains …

Brendon’s News from the Sabi Sand Photo Safari:

The cool, wet weather persisted as we started out this morning. The heavy rain throughout the night stopped before dawn and we were able to leave the Lodge without getting wet.

We found fresh tracks that belonged to a female leopard and followed these for a short time. They led us to the young cat as she walked through the bush. She examined the shrubs and foliage and then scent marked after the rain as she progressed along. Now and then she called, looked around, called again, and then continued with her scent-marking quest.

Eventually we left her and drove around. A call interrupted our drive. Another leopard had been found. She was standing on top of a termite mound and we all used flash because of the rather dark weather. She looked beautiful against that gloomy grey sky behind her.

We were still busy with her when the rain started to bucket down again, so we cut our game drive a little short to return to the shelter and warmth of the Lodge where our Tusk Safari group enjoyed one last get-together over a very welcome warm meal and steaming coffee before they departed (still in the rain) for home.

The new safari group arrived, a little concerned about the weather, but after a get-together meal and a briefing everyone was anxious to get going.

And to the group’s delight we were very fortunate to find another young female leopard. She was a little shy, lying on a termite mound. The lovely young cat posed for a while, and yawned widely. Then the heavens opened again and she darted off.

We stuck it out for a short while, but as the rain showed no sign of abating we rather returned to the Lodge, a little disappointed that we could not have remained out for longer, but delighted with the beautiful images that we had been able to collect.

So, in spite of the conditions, everyone is in good spirits and the weather report for tomorrow seems fairly optimistic so we are hoping for a few hours without rain …