Final Day of the Duba Plains Safari Does Not Disappoint!

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Once again, everyone on the ODP Safari was awake and ready to leave the camp by 4:30am … No-one wanted to miss a moment of the final day of the safari.

The group went straight to the pride of lions with the buffalo kill to follow up on the action. On arrival, the lions had just finished eating, and were meandering away, with the cubs playing, stalking, running and jumping and then, because of their ultra-full little tummies, they would flop on the ground, legs in the air. As with all youngsters, however, they were soon back on their feet, starting the cycle again … And again. The pride wandered over to a stream for a long drink, and then decided to retire for the day under some leafy bushes.

The ODP Safari group bade them farewell, and proceeded to the main island.

A troop of baboons provided hilarious entertainment with typical baboon antics. They put on a great show for everyone, rolling around, wrestling, pulling tails and surprising each other and altogether providing excellent photographic opportunities.

The ODP Safari group moved on. And then ..

What an amazing interaction they encountered! Truly unforgettable ..

They found a mother bat-eared fox with her two pups. Wonderful to see! But more … the mother was busily engaged with a python, doing evrything she could to keep the huge reptile at bay and away from her pups. As the python inched closer she chattered and chattered, and circled around and around the reptile. At the same time she was educating her online slots pups about the dangers of being close to the python, and shepherded them away to a safe distance. Then she turned her attention back to the python to coax it away, all the time chattering and circling. Eventually, she managed to get the pups totally out of harms way, and the little family scampered off to a distance of about 300 meters. The python slithered off in a different direction.

Time was running out, so the group returned to the camp for a late farewell breakfast.

Everyone was extremely sorry and reluctant to depart this paradise after days packed with incredible experiences. Many had tears in their eyes as they said their farewells.

The consensus of opinion: Wow, what an unbelievably amazing experience … and thank you thank you to Wim van den Heever, Hilton Kotze, and Brendan Cremer