An Enormous Male Lion …

Brendon’s Daily Bulletin from Mombo in the Okavango Delta:

The feelings of expectation as we set out in the early dawn were almost tangible. What would we see today? There was quite a downpour during the night, and the air was fresh and clean.

Not far from the camp we found a herd of elephants. We used flash with a dark, looming sky that looked quite threatening behind them. Our images with that dramatic background look fabulous.

And just down the road from the elephants we came across a pride of lions that had killed a giraffe. We used wide-angled and long lenses to capture a whole variety of shots as the lions ate, squabbled among themselves, and glanced at us occasionally without interest.

While we were still busy photographing the lions we received a call about a particularly large male lion further to the north, accompanied by a lioness and two small cubs. We headed that way and found a phenomenally large male lion with a massive mane – enormous is the only word to describe him. He was most impressive – closer to the size of the large East African lions.

The lioness and the two cubs with him were all feeding together on a young zebra that they finished off rather quickly. When done the male got up and started to walk across a wide open plain. He looked wonderful with the short green grass around him and that lowering sky still threatening imminent rain.

We spent the remainder of the morning with these lions, only leaving when it was time to return to the camp. As always, there was plenty of general game to see while we were with the lions as well as during our journey back to the camp, including buffalo, zebra, giraffe, impala, and wildebeest to name some of the frequent sightings. And I don’t have to even mention the spectacular bird life!

This afternoon our goal was try and find leopards or rhino, but we had no luck. As evening approached we decided to visit the lions with the giraffe kill. We spent the rest of the evening with them, using flash and spotlights as darkness set in.

Tomorrow we would really like to find a leopard, but with so many lions around, the leopards seem to be keeping a particularly low profile. But we plan to search thoroughly in the early morning ….