Endangered Species – Facts and Where To Find Them

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Endangered species and where to find them

It’s a sad yet known fact that many animals, even the most common of species, are fighting for survival. They constantly battle against habitual loss, human civil wars and trade – among many other unfortunate and cruel reasons.

Although this guide isn’t definitive, it is intended to help you identify some of the most beautiful creatures – and potentially aid in planning your next safari. It will also show you some unique facts and figures to give you a better understanding of just how precious these animals are.

The endangered species listed in our infographic range from “vulnerable” to “critically endangered” – with populations as little as 400 in the entire world. Know of any emerging endangered species and other unique facts about these creatures? Let us know.

Here is an infographic of endangered species, including facts and where to find them:

Endangered species and where to find them