Elephant Plains: Lions start a Nocturnal Waterbuck Hunt

From Brendon Cremer

We arrived at Elephant Plains today in time for a delicious lunch, followed by a briefing before we left for our first drive.
We spent the first part of the drive focussing on birds, and getting accustomed to using our cameras and lenses in the prevailing conditions. Then a large crocodile and numerous hippos entertained us until time for sundowners.
The spectacular sunset, smells and sounds of the bush provided the perfect setting as we enjoyed the short break.
After our sundowners were downed, we moved on and soon came across a pride of lionesses. They were so magnificent and somehow more impressive than ever in the dark. We captured lovely spotlight images, using front lighting as the lionesses walked toward us, and side lighting as we kept up with them.
We followed them until they walked right into a herd of waterbuck.
Within an instant the pride changed from sauntering along to hunting mode. Realising their intent, we immediately switched off the lights, and watched as the lionesses started their stalking and hunting in earnest.
The encounter was curtailed as we had to return to camp.
The evening is beautiful as we all gather for a quick drink and chat before supper around the inviting fire.
Everyone can hardly wait to leave early tomorrow morning to catch up with the lions again.
And the trackers told us that leopards are active in the area …