Elephant Plains: The Safari starts with a Leopard Hunt

From Hilton at Elephant Plains:

Our safari started this afternoon when everyone arrived for lunch and a briefing before we set out excitedly for our first adventure.
Our first aim was to track a female leopard who was believed to be in the area. We were following her tracks when we were surprised to come across large male leopard.
He is the dominant male in the area, named Tingana which means shy one.
He did not live up to his name as he allowed us to accompany him, taking photograph after photograph as he progressed with determination toward a herd of impala. He then proceeded to hunt the impala, with our group watching with wide eyes and bated breath and although we were very successful with our photography of the action, his hunt was unsuccessful.
Then followed a moment of excitement as we developed a flat tyre and while this was being repaired Tingana disappeared into the bush.
After sundowners while watching the sun creep close to the horizon, we set off again. We practiced some panning shots of restless impala on the flat airstrip area,
before we started to head toward the Lodge.
On the way we stopped to photograph two hyena in the darkening light.
After this very successful start to our safari, we are anxious to get going really early and maybe track that female leopard again …