Elephant Plains: Salayexe goes Hunting

Brendon’s Reports:

There seemed to be leopard tracks everywhere this morning, and we had to decide very carefully which to follow.

A large herd of buffalo delayed our leopard search for quite a while, but stopping for them meant that we captured more wonderful images in the early morning light.

We returned to the leopard tracks but not for long. This time a herd of elephants with many tiny ones attracted us and enchanted us with their busy activities.

Finally back to the leopard tracks and this time we found him.




Lemoene is a beautiful young male. We spent the remainder of the morning with the very photogenic animal as he walked in and out of bushes and across open plains until he finally disappeared across the boundary and it was time to return to the Lodge for breakfast.

This afternoon we thought that a return to the area where we saw Lemoene may allow us to be lucky and to find him again.  On the way we saw two huge elephant bulls, and again a short distance away some buffalo bulls were enjoying a thorough wallowing in some sloppy mud. They covered themselves almost completely … a real buffalo spa!

We were thrilled to see a family of four rhinos and although they were a little skittish we did get some pretty goos photographs of them.

It was getting dark when we found Salayexe. She was lying down as we arrived but within a few seconds she suddenly looked up, very alert. She had spotted a herd of impala and rushed off in their direction … the hunt was on.

We followed her as well as we could but she disappeared – out of sight! We found her again, stalking the impala and this time when we lost sight of her we decided to return to the Lodge in case our presence interfered with the success of her hunt.

Hopefully Salayexe will be successful this evening – we plan to start in that area in the morning to check …




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