Elephant Plains Safari: Tiyane Has Another Kill …

News of the Day from Villiers:

(All images from back of Villiers’ Camera)

We could hardly wait to rush back to the leopards this afternoon, and needless to say everyone was ready with extra memory cards when the time came to set out.

We went straight to where we found that Anderson had polished off the impala and Salayexe and Tiyane had moved off to somewhere near the rocks.

So we drove upstream to a small waterhole, hoping that the leopards would need a drink but there were not even leopard tracks there.

We drove around and eventually found Tiyane with a fresh impala kill. They were in a small donga south of where we had seen them, so they must have looped around. There was no sign of Salayexe or Anderson. Maybe they are together again, honeymooning again – or maybe Anderson has gone to an adjoining territory to do his patrol. Who knows?

Tiyane was eating a large, adult impala and had only just managed to eat a little of the rump. It was a very hot day here, and the belly was quite bloated – so maybe she and her mother made the kill soon after we left them this morning.


We watched her as she lay next to the kill for a while – and as always she posed for us. She rolled onto her back, and peeped at us with those big, beautiful eyes. She really is a lovely girl.


We left Tiyane to enjoy sundowners at Big Dam before we returned again to get some spotlight shots. We had quite a nice view of her but couldn’t place ourselves for backlit shots or for rim lighting because of the donga. But we were happy to see her eating again, and everyone was thrilled to get some great spotlit images.


Maybe we should stop at the kill with Tiyane again in the morning …