Elephant Plains Safari: Salayexe’s Kill

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains: Salayexe’s Kill

We were really keen to find Salayexe and cub again this morning, and before the sun even rose we spotted them and then spent simply ages with them. They were extra entertaining today as they ran around, chased each other, ambushed one another, and jumped into different trees.

Mom would run ahead with cub in hot pursuit, and when cub caught up they jumped on each other, while cub tried to catch mom’s elusive tail, before both went into yet another tree from where cub would peer our cautiously to surprise mom with another pounce.

4 Elephant Plains Brendon Salayexes Cub 1

It was magical! We not only enjoyed every moment, we also amassed an awesome collection of images.

4 Elephant Plains Brendon Salayexes Cub

We followed on and on, and then realized that mom was hunting … or maybe heading back to a kill? But no! Definitely hunting! In fact we saw her chase after a Bushbuck, but the buck was quite a distance from her and the chase was futile – or so we thought!

Eventually we left her and photographed some elephants in the riverbed before our coffee stop. And what did we hear at the stop? Salayexe had actually made the kill and had dragged the Bushbuck to stash it up in a tree! No one saw the kill – only the obvious results!

Oh well!

We returned to Salayexe and collected some more images of her and cub – this time up in the tree with the kill before they came down and went to settle in a shady spot on a bank close to the kill.

This afternoon we dashed back to find Salayexe and cub exactly as we had left them, still resting in the same shady spot.

We decided to track some lions as we found some fresh spoor, but they eventually passed into a neighboring territory – so no lions today.

But as always there was just so much else to photograph, so we spent some time photographing general game like Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Buffalo Bulls, and Giraffe.

Oh – and some very cute Bushbabies (Galagos) before we returned to the Lodge for dinner. In the morning we will probably check on Salayexe first …

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