Elephant Plains Safari: Salayexe’s Cub!

Brendon Shares from Elephant Plains: Salayexe’s Cub!

As always we left the Lodge before sunrise, eager to see what the day had in store for us! And the sightings began almost as soon as we set out.

At dinner the evening before we heard that the Breakaway pride has arrived in the area and we hoped to see them … our luck was in and they were actually almost our first sighting. The lions were lying close to the Lodge, on the southern end of the airstrip , which meant that they were visible, well out in the open, and in a great position for photography.

9 Brendon Lion Elephant Plains BOC-1

As the sun climbed higher in the sky, the lions decided to move. They chased each other around, stalked and leaped onto each other as they passed into a dry river bed and out the other side. Our cameras did not stop, capturing every moment of the interaction between the pride members. Finally they reached a road where they flopped down to sleep for the remainder of the morning.

We carried on and passed so much game – including more herds of elephants, –

9 Brendon Elephant Plains Elephant BOC-1

– buffalo, and some very photogenic giraffe.

Then we found fresh tracks of another male lion – this time accompanied by a female. Mmm, we thought, clearly a mating couple … and we followed them, and followed, – and followed. But they just eluded us, so after an hour (no lions but plenty of general game), we gave up and started back to the Lodge.

We were almost there when we heard that Salayexe’s cub was around. We shot there, and found the little one lying on a rock, surrounded by but not obscured by vegetation. Everyone was so excited to see the cub, and it is great to see how it is thriving, growing, and progressing so well … and as always the cub was very relaxed with our presence.

Brendon Elephant Plains Salayexe Cub BOC Leopard-1

This afternoon we saw a number of elephant herds again and soon after leaving the Lodge we heard that the Birmingham Pride of lions have arrived in the east.

We headed that way, but stopped for a while at a pan where buffalo roamed around the edges while hippos yawned and snorted in the water. Then a herd of elephants with a number of youngsters and small babies arrived … and we hung around around for a while longer.

Finally we arrived at the Birmingham Males, where we spent the remainder of the evening. They look very full, and have clearly eaten fairly recently, which meant that they pretty much lay around and slept for the time that we were there.

9 Brendon Elephant Plains Lion BOC-1

It was a great way to end another fabulous day here, and in the morning we would like to see if we can find Salayexe …

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