Elephant Plains Safari: Salayexe’s Cub has a Successful Catch …

Elephant Plains Safari: Salayexe’s Cub has a Successful Catch …

Niel Cillie Reports:

The second safari group were all here in time for lunch and a briefing before we started out on our first drive. After hearing what the earlier group had seen, everyone could barely contain their keenness to get out and enjoy the sights and photography.

We first stopped at a dam not too far from the Lodge where we found Salayexe and her cub. We spent about an hour and a half with the duo as they interacted and drank from the dam before leaving to explore the bushes.


By the way – today is the naming day for Salayexe’s cub, so expect an update with this information tomorrow!!

We followed the two across the river next to the dam, from where they entered a dense thicket where they found, and started to play with some smaller animals – some or other type of rodents.

Then suddenly the cub caught a Cane Rat and the sports really started in earnest as they passed it back and forth, allowed it to escape, before pouncing again and then playing a little more – until they tired of the game and the youngster finally killed the rat. She then climbed up into a tree where she started to eat, …


… but then came down again to eat further on the ground. Salayexe approached to see if there was a morsel left for her, but there were no leftovers.


The two leopards then followed a slow course along the river and quickly spotted some Bushbuck. However, before they could even start to hunt they were spotted and the Bushbuck sprinted away, leaving the leopards to continue their eveing stroll.


By now it was time for our sundowner stop, where we looked up and to our surprise we saw that we had visitors! A couple of very curious spotted hyenas arrived and examined us from different angles.

After replenishing ourselves we noticed that it was time to return to the Lodge, which we did with some reluctance, already keen to set out in the morning …