Elephant Plains Safari: Salayexe Still very Tentative …

Brendon’s Shares his Day on Safari:

(All images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

A sunny, warm morning greeted us when we headed out on our drive this morning. We were keen to find a Leopard again and followed promising tracks soon after leaving the Lodge. Our collective wish was granted when we picked up Salayexe’s tracks that led us to her within a few moments. She was still walking around gingerly and carefully, and quickly went to lie down when walking appeared to be too much for her. We photographed her until she moved to the safety of some really thick undergrowth where we could barely see her.

We moved on and almost immediately found another young female Leopard’s tracks. Thinking that it was probably Tiyane we followed these, stopping briefly for White Rhino, Buffalo Bulls, and Spotted Hyenas feeding on an old Buffalo carcass that they dragged around.


A Tortoise had us all on the ground for eye-level photography.



We carried on until we bumped into Tiyane. She was on a hunt and we followed as she searhed for suitable prey. She went in and out of river beds, stood on logs or termite mounds for a good look around, and gave us ample time to collect some really good shots.She stopped to listen intently from time to time, and followed up on each promising sound – until she disappeared into a thicket.


Heavy weather blew up during the early afternoon and by the time we went out it started to rain. We remained out, enjoying the bush in the soft drizzle.

Hearing monkeys give an alarm call as we left the Lodge we followed the sound – that led us straight to Salayexe again. The rainy weather gave us some different photos, ad we capitalised on the opportunity.

We left her again when she went into a thicket and drove around again. We saw Buffalo, White Rhinos, Elephants – and then found Tiyane again.This time she had found a herd of Impala and was hunting them. We were so very hopeful that we would witness a successful hunt, but no luck, and she also went into a rather dense thicket.


By now the rain started to pelt down, so, having had a very successful day we decided to return to the Lodge a few minutes earlier than usual to dry off and warm up.


We would like to check on Salayexe again in the morning, hoping that she heals enough to hunt and to care for herself again …