Elephant Plains Safari: Moya (Leopard) with a Duiker Kill

Elephant Plains Safari: Moya (Leopard) with a Duiker Kill


Brendon Cremer Reports:


Ths morning we were very keen to follow up on Salayexe, but there was absolutely no sign, no track or any evidence that she was around. However, we did encounter Anderson Male, another very handsome and large male leopard. He was on a very focussed mission which meant that although we followed him, we lost him after a while.

We heard that there was a large herd of buffalo nearby and headed off in that direction, where we spent quite some time photographing the relaxed herd.


We also saw some giraffe with a very full moon setting begind them.


This gave us a super opportunity for some rather different silhouette shots, especialy when we managed to capture a head against that amazing moon, using fill-in flash at times. Too beautiful!


This afternoon started fairly quietly as we drove around and in addition to all the general game we managed to photograph some more buffalo and a couple of rhino. We also found hippos in the different pans, and stopped to capture images of some of them, before we received a call about a leopard.

We arrived at the spot to find a female in a tree with a duiker kill. This was Moya – we haven’t seen her for quite a while, so it was a real pleasure to catch up with her again. Out came our flashes with some beautiful evening, sunset colours behind her. As darkness encroached we took out the spotlights for images of her well lit against that beautiful deep blue of the sky just before nightfall. She looked wonderful up there in the tree, and although she slept for art of the time she woke up to look around intermittently with those beautiful big eyes of hers.


We noticed that Moya has suckle marks, indicating that she has at least one cub somewhere close by, which is wonderful. She looks very healthy, fit and fat, living successfully in her new area to the south of the reserve. We look forward to meeting a cub or two later this year!

Now we are looking forward to our sumptuous starlit dinner in the boma, and after another successful day like today we can only hope for even more in the morning ..