Elephant Plains Safari: Lions Exhausted after Killing Cubs

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains: Lions Exhausted after Killing Cubs

When the new group of guests arrived and heard about the fabulous sightings we have enjoyed almost on demand with Salayexe and cub, they could barely contain their excitement before it was time to head out for the first drive, and of course we went directly to the leopards … but as always the bush is totally unpredictable and it appears that Salayexe has moved her den.

We did find a herd of really old Dagga boys (Buffalos) with thick, gnarled horns, plenty of scars and just full of character. Their attendant Oxpeckers we jumping around, foraging in and out of ears and nostrils, occasionally really irritating the bulls who shook their heads vigorously to get rid of the annoyance. Our collection of images for this safari was off to a good start.

photo 2-1

Then a herd of elephants with a number of youngsters provided some super photographic opportunities, –


– and after spending quite some time with them we decided to search for the Birmingham Lions that we saw this morning.

We found only the two males of the five again – they were resting in some longish grass, but lifted their heads from time to time to look around … but they showed very little sign of action.

photo 1-1

We waited for them to get up, but perhaps they had too much exercise this morning when they encountered the Styx Pride, killed two of the cubs, and injured one of the lionesses. They just spent the evening totally relaxed.

We had a lovely, peaceful drive back to the Lodge, soaking up the wonderful atmosphere in the bush – and planning where to check first for Salayexe in the morning …

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