Elephant Plains Safari: Karula Introduces her Tiny Cub to Us

Elephant Plains Safari: Karula Introduces her Tiny Cub to Us

(All images from Back of Brendon Cremer’s Camera)


Fanus Weldhagen Reports:


What a fantastic end to the current TuskPhoto safari at Elephant Plains.

We woke up to a moody, overcast morning and when we found Giraffe and Zebra on the airstrip we settled down for some lovely photography.

Not for long!

A call came through that Tingana, another dominant and very powerful leopard, had been spotted so we immediately went in his direction. He was out and about – and yes, patrolling and re-marking his territory exactly as we thought the big cats would do after yesterday’s rain.

And not long after spending time with Tingana we found a pride of lions. Three males and two females were shortly joined by another male. They were in a lovely open area doing what lions do best – lounging around, greeting and grooming one another and simply looking wonderful in that glowing early morning light.

6 Bren EP_1530

Then unbelievably we received another call. This time it was a mother leopard, Karula, and knowing that she has tiny cubs, we dashed over to see her.

And obligingly, Karula showed her gorgeous little cub – but only to half of our group.

6 Bren EP_1529

The others had to be content with images of mom only.

6 Bren EP_1531

And it was on that ultra high note that yet another amazing safari ended. The guests reluctantly said their farewells – and of course they cannot wait to get back here.

The new group should arrive at any moment …