Elephant Plains Safari: Karula Hunting …

Brendon Shares News of the Day:

We decided to be a little different this morning and rather headed out towards the east to see if we could just maybe catch up with Karula, another well-known leopard in the area. If you recall, she has two cubs, and catching up with the trio would be truly special.

On the way we saw so much … a few herds of elephants, some stately giraffes, plenty of zebra, impala, a couple of wildebeest, lots of Kudu, with some really handsome Kudu Bulls – all deserved a stop for photographs.


The Wahlberg Eagles are arriving, and there are plenty of them around, in addition to Tawny Eagles, and an African Hawk Eagle.

When we arrived in the east we started to look around and soon heard some monkeys alarm calling in the distance. We quickly headed in that direction – close to a riverbed – and drove around and around, but didn’t find anything – at first.

Then we began to make wider and larger loops because the monkeys can see quite far and spot danger from a distance with their excellent eyesight, … and yep! This paid off! There she was – Karula! She wasn’t with the cubs, but we spent a wonderful morning with her. We followed as she stalked and hunted repeatedly. She chased some impala, without success, but as she tried to find suitable prey again and again we collected some enthralling images.

Finally she headed out of the reserve and we returned to the Lodge for a meal and a rest – and some Lightroom work.

This afternoon we decided to search for Tiyane – and after passing more elephants we found her without too much effort. She was lying close to one of the sand mounds that dot the area. We were all saying how great it would be if she would just go and lie on top of the termite mound when she seemed to read our minds and did exactly that! We shot some gorgeous images of her on the mound in the great afternoon light with the sunset hues behind her. We used flash and some spotlight to highlight the leopard more clearly, and she cooperated really well.

In the morning we may check to see how Salayexe and Anderson (in yesterday’s photo) are doing …