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Elephant Plains Safari: Injured Salayexe Manages to Hunt …

Brendon’s Shares his Day on Safari:

(All images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

It was overcast but clear as our early morning started. We headed directly to where we had last seen Salayexe and Tiyane last night. We found Salayexe walking through the bush, constantly contact calling as she went, searching for Tiyane. Thank goodness, we could see that she had eaten, which is quite a relief.

We followed the injured leopard as she went through the bush, as always giving us plenty of opportunity for excellent photographs. She was still contact calling when she disappeared into some thick undergrowth.

We passed White Rhino and Buffalo again and then received a call that a large male Leopard had been spotted. This turned out to be Tingana first lying on a termite mound before he got up to start walking around before he went to lie down in an open spot.

During our break back at the Lodge we heard that Salayexe had met up with Tiyane and that they had an Impala Kill. We found the two this afternoon , and it was great to see that although she is still very sore, Salayexe is able to hunt, and is doing great.


When we arrived at the two leopards they were lying in a tree with the Impala remains below. They had consumed quite a bit of their kill. We photographed mom and daughter in the tree together. Then Tiyane came down to inspect the carcass and we collected a whole new set of images.


We left to give another vehicle a chance to see the leopards, and traveled around to photograph more Rhinos and Buffalos, plus plenty of other general game. We were still doing this when we received a call to say that three Wild Dogs had been spotted.

We rushed there and found the dogs running along at a pace. We took advantage of this to do some panning shots and then some motion blur sots. It is not so easy, but a great challenge – and very satisfying when you get it …



We returned to the Leopards to find both feeding, until Tiyane decided to pose for us, first on a fallen log with a dark blue evening sky behind her. Then the spotlights came out and we carried on photographing the two until it was time to return to the Lodge.


Hopefully the Leopards will still be visibe tomorrow so that we can continue to check on Salayexe’s progress …



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