Elephant Plains Safari: First Drive, (almost) Two Leopards

Villiers’ Bulletin from Elephant Plains: First Drive, (almost) Two Leopards

It is so exciting to be back here, and we were all raring to get going this afternoon. Our first surprise was how very, very dry the area is … but the good news about this is that it is is very open and the visibility is superb.

We heard that the dominant male leopard, Anderson Male, had been spotted this morning and we quickly went in search of him, stopping only briefly when when found a photogenic pair of Saddle-billed Storks, –

9 ep-4-april-1-1

– and a lone hippo in a pool. Other than that, we were focussed on reaching Anderson Male as soon as we could. We started to search for him, but received a call that a female leopard, Ntsele, had been spotted not too far away, so we abandoned our search and headed in the new direction.

Ntsele was lying in an exposed area, fast asleep. She looked quite endearing as she lay there, fast asleep and dreaming, waking for brief seconds to check around.

9 ep-4-april-3-3

She made little twitches, and moved her mouth and paws repeatedly. And now and again she stirred, rolled over onto her back, paws in the air, before settling back to sleep on her other side.

9 ep-4-april-2-2

We watched the slumbering cat, photographing every movement, until after dark, and then quickly went to check on Anderson Male again. One of our two vehicles saw him briefly, before it was suddenly time to return to the Lodge.

On the way we found a very large chameleon … looking extra special in the night – and the hippo was out of his pool, standing quietly next to a large tree.

Tomorrow we plan to get out early to check on Ntsele and Anderson Male ..