Elephant Plains Safari: Breakaway and Styx Prides Gang up for a Kill

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains: Breakaway and Styx Prides Gang up for a Kill

During lunch, which we enjoyed on arrival at Elephant Plains, we heard that the Breakaway Pride of Lions, together with two large males from the Styx Pride, had killed a giraffe late yesterday. So, after our afternoon briefing we headed directly to find them.

When we arrived we found all thirteen members of the Breakaway Pride (lionesses and cubs) relaxing under some trees while keeping an eye on the two Styx males feeding on the carcass.

99 Night Lion Brendon 2-2

We made the most of our time with them.

99 Lion Portrait Brendon 2-3

In fact, we spent most of the afternoon photographing the feeding lions and the lazy interactions between the resting, and watching lions.

We only left when the time approached for sundowners. We headed for the Big Dam area where we found elephants, hippos, and a delightful troop of Vervet Monkeys. The monkeys were playing in the water, splashing and chasing each other, and really having quite a riotous time – as monkeys do!

Thinking it would be a good plan capture some spotlight images of the lions we made our way back to them, and had a super time photographing them in the dark, using different lighting techniques for different effects.

99 Night Lion Brendon 3-4


99 Night Lion Brendon 1-1

When we returned to the Lodge for dinner we received the news that Salayexe and her cub had been spotted not far away. This made our decision for our first morning drive an easy one – to try and find the mother leopard and her little cub …

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