Elephant Plains Safari: Anderson Entertainment and Cavorting Hyenas

News of the Day from Villiers:

(All images from back of Villiers’ Camera)

We had an incredible final drive for this safari … it is difficult to even think of anything better.

It all started with a truly wonderful sighting of Spotted Hyenas at Serengeti Pan. Seven Hyenas (quite a number of youngsters) were cavorting around in the water again with plenty of splashing, chasing, playful, nipping and generally having a hilarious time.


When they finally tired of that and came out of the water the game continued with wild chases in all directions across a large open plain. We were able to do panning shots and action shots. Then one of the Hyenas came right up to our vehicle to examine Morne, our guide very intently, giving us more photo opps and even some GoPro footage using a GoPro stick.

After this great start to the morning we headed to where we last saw Anderson yesterday. We found him a little further to the south but in a very poor spot from a visibility point of view. He was right in some Tambotie Trees where photography was quite impossible.

But we were patient enough – until he stirred and first walked along next to a small river course. He emerged to pass through a block of large and small Marula Trees. Luckily we could follow him and photograph his progress.


Eventually the huge leopard settled on a termite mound surrounded by bushes but with big gaps on different sides. He lay there cleaning himself, licking his paws, and continually tried to bite at a large number of flies that buzzed around his head. He really looked quite comical as he snapped again and again at the irritating insects …

It was a fitting way to end our fabulous safari and everyone leaves with a ton of excellent photographs and memories of a lifetime.

The new group arrives at lunch time for their wonderful adventure in this amazing place …