Elephant Plains Safari: Anderson and Salayexe Still Active …

Brendon Shares News of the Day:

When the new guests arrived and all got to know each other, a big focus of conversation was the experiences of the past few days – and mostly this amazing morning.

The result was that everyone had great expectations as we set out this afternoon. Our first plan of action was to head straight to Anderson and Salayexe – and there they were, pretty close to where we left them this morning.

We spent the next hour and a half with them, and saw them mate numerous times. We captured some great photographs of the two, including action shots, portraits, and a few as they moved around.


We left them to scout around a little and to give another vehicle a chance to see the leopards. While driving around we saw elephants, plenty of giraffe, a Brown Snake Snake Eagle, a Tawny Eagle, a Martial Eagle, and plenty of other general game and birds.

We returned to the leopards and spent the remainder of the evening with them. Our cameras were very busy again as we used the spotlights to create different lighting effects, including side-lighting and back lighting. So these images are very different from the ones we took this afternoon.


Everyone has returned thrilled with the afternoon, and looking forward to the morning …