Elephant Plains Safari: A Leopard We Haven’t Seen for Ages –

Elephant Plains Safari: A Leopard We Haven’t Seen for Ages –

Brendon Reports:

(Videos from Wim’s iPhone)

Let’s start with a quick look from yesterday at Nsele’s and her cub as the Little One plays with the head of the kill.

Nseles Cub Plays with Head_1775

Of course this morning found us following fresh Leopard tracks as we searched for the big cats that proved to be rather elusive. We found Anderson Male’s tracks – that huge leopard whose enormous prints are quite unmistakable, but he seemed to keep just ahead of us at all times. Werealised how privileged we have been to see as many leopards as we have – every day!

However, there is always plenty to see other than the big cats – we photographed plenty of general game – as well as a few Buffalo and once again there were numerous Elephants.

This afternoon we set off and started on a mission to find lions. We followed tracks until they led out of the territory – so our cat count until then remained a big fat zero.

Then things changed as we bumped into Moya – a female leopard that we have not sighted for quite some time. She took a leisurely walk through the bush with us behind her. Then she spotted an attractive tree and jumped up into the welcome branches, giving us some lovely shots as she peered around restlessly. She settled on a termite mound with a small herd of Impala that gazed at her with interest but no anxiety.

Moya Leopard Wim July 2016_1781

We left the leopard to scout around the area – and to enjoy our sundowner break.

We returned to Moya after dark and got some great spotlit shots of her as she walked along. We positioned the vehicles to get lovely, amazing back-lit and side-lit shots of the beautiful cat.

Tomorrow is our final morning here, and hopefully the cats won’t be quite as shy as they were today …