Elephant Plains Safari: A First Sighting for Some …

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Villiers Shares from Elephant Plains:  A First Sighting for Some ..

Well, the first safari group here at Elephant Plains had an outstanding time … and as the new group arrived, their first question was ‘will we see as much?’ One can never predict these things in the bush, so let’s see how things pan out in the next few days …

After introductions over lunch and a briefing, we left the Lodge this afternoon and as we left we could feel the heat all around. Actually, all that lovely green from the recent rains is gradually drying out again in the hot temperatures.

All around the Lodge there was so much game! Zebras, Warthogs, Wildebeest, Impala, and a large herd of Elephant that we had seen drinking at the Lodge waterhole during lunch were all still hanging around, and the airstrip had animals everywhere.

We really wanted to try and find Salayexe and cub as the new group had not seen her yet, so we started to search the Manyalete River area until we heard from the Lodge that Salayexe was there, so we returned, and although we could hear squirrels calling excitedly about something, – probably Salayexe – she gave us the slip.

So we returned to the Manyalete River and searched for the cub. There we had more luck. The cute, friendly little bundle was there and as always, was very relaxed with our presence. She was keeping herself busy, chasing flies and leaves blowing in the wind, walking around a little and exploring a small area and enjoying herself as she waited for mom to return.

6 ep Salayexe Leopard Cub Villiers Steyn-2

We left her and returned to the airstrip for sundowners with zebras that chased each other in the dust, creating some fabulous images as they did so.

We checked for Salayaxe again, but although we didn’t see her, we did have a great sighting of a Genet together with two White-tailed Mongoose that gave us time for some spotlit photographs.

6 ep Genet Villiers Steyn-1-1

This was particularly exciting for some of the guests who had never seen a White-tailed Mongoose before today.

In the morning we would like to start with a search for Salayexe again before possibly moving on the the lions …

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