Elephant Plains: Lions with a Buffalo Kill, and another Pride with an Interloper

Brendon’s Bulletin:

Our early morning tracking of leopard spoor was interrupted by news of a pride of lions with a fresh kill. We made our way to that area and found the seven members of the Styx Pride in a dry river bed. Some were feeding on the large buffalo carcass while others watched in a desultory fashion, and now and again they changed places.



We remained with the pride as long as we could and only left when it was time to return to the Lodge for brunch.

This afternoon our first sighting was a herd of zebra. One of the zebras climbed a termite mound from where he gazed down intently at the surrounding bush. The amusing sight quickly filled our memory cards.

A lone bull elephant drinking thirstily at a water hole detained us for some time as we photographed him and the busy, yawning, show-off hippos in the water.

The Talala Pride of lions was found nearby, with four lionesses lolling on the grassland. Everyone was very keen to get backlit, rim and spotlit shots, so we remained with the pride until dark.

We were somewhat surprised when a large male from a neighbouring pride strutted on to the scene, and after greeting the females, he settled down comfortably with them. 

So we managed to get both lion and lionesses in all different lighting situations.




The day was not over for us as we headed back to the Lodge. A Serval appeared out of the darkness and after giving us a few seconds to get some grab shots, disappeared again into the night.

Tomorrow we plan to check on the lion kill again …