Elephant Plains: Lions, Elephants and Rhino, Hyena – but no Leopards Today

Brendon’s News: 

Leopard tracks led us and all directions this morning and not to a leopard, but straight to the four lionesses we had seen yesterday.

Once again the lionesses were very active, marching along, stopping to examine bushes and possible prey in the distance. We spent the entire morning with them as they covered a considerable distance.





Only when the sun was quite high in the sky and it was becoming quite warm did they retire to a shady spot and settle down for their midday rest. This gave us a bit of time to concentrate on the other plentiful wildlife in the area … and some photographic techniques.




A large male rhino named Londolozi gave us the opportunity for some great shots before he lumbered off into the bush.

This afternoon we again tried to find leopards. So many tracks, so few visible leopards. Two different herds of elephants, one with teeny babies kept us busy again for quite some time. The tiny ones are always so very cute with their unmanageable trunks and adorable ways. They were extremely close to our vehicle and were quite unfazed by our presence and cameras.

Another male rhino was lying fast asleep at the side of the road, and although he peeped at as as we arrived, he basically ignored us as he went back to sleep.

On the way back to the Lodge a lone hyena lurked near a mud wallow. Maybe he was waiting for his clan to join him, but as it was late we could not wait to see if this was in fact what he was about.

Tomorrow we are keen to start early with a search for leopards again …